The Seventeenth Century

    Gruffudd Nanney (1611-1665)
    Gruffudd Nanney (1611-1665)

    Gruffydd Nanney – 15th Lord of Nannau
    born 1600 / d. 1655.
    High Sheriff of Merioneth (1640-42).
    m. Mary Gwyn
    Daughter of Lewis Gwyn.

    Hugh Nanney – 16th Lord of Nannau.
    born circa 1630 / d. after 1667.
    m. Jonet Salusbury.
    born c.1630.

    Col. Hugh Nanney, MP – 17th Lord of Nannau.
    born 1669 / d. 1701.
    MP for Merioneth (1695-1701). High Sheriff of Merioneth. Vice-Admiral of North Wales.
    Knight of the Shire (three times).
    Colonel of a Regiment of Militia (which he raised himself).
    m. Catherine Vaughan
    Daughter of William Vaughan of Corsygedol.
    born c.1659 / d. 1733.

    Janet Nanney
    born 1692 / d. 1728.
    m. Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt Uchaf.
    born 1695 / d. 1749.
    High Sheriff of Merioneth.