The Fourteenth Century

    Daffodills by Cymer Abbey
    Daffodills by Cymer Abbey

    Meurig ap Ynyr Fychan
    Died 1350.
    The 14th century Effigy in St. Marys Church, Dolgellau.
    m. Angharad

    Meuric Llwyd
    Died before 1400.
    m. Mallt
    Daughter of Howel.

    Howel Sele
    m. Mali
    Daughter of Egnion.
    His brother founded the family of Caerynwch.

    Meurig Vychan
    Aged two when his father was killed.
    Died between 1460 and 1480. Buried at Cymer Abbey.
    m. Angharad
    Buried at Cymer Abbey.