Newspaper Clipping (Last Image Below) Dated 30th September 1887

Robert Vaughan's Coming of Age Festivities in Eldon Square, Dolgellau, 1887. Photo © Philip Nanney Williams.
Robert Vaughan’s Coming of Age Festivities in Eldon Square, Dolgellau, 1887. Photo © Philip Nanney Williams.

The rejoicings were continued at Llanfachreth, in beautiful weather, on Tuesday morning. The servants of the House of Nannau assembled on the lawn to meet Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Robert Vaughan, and the various members of the family. An address by Mr. Newham, the butler, which spoke of the great esteem and affection felt by them all for Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Robert Vaughan, and the whole family, and a handsome dressing-case was presented to Mr. Robert Vaughan, and subscribed for by all the servants.

Mr. Robert Vaughan suitably replied, thanking them heartily for their kindness. Cheers were then given for the family, and in return, Mr. Robert Vaughan proposed three cheers for the old and valued servants, from whom he had received nothing but kindness all his life.

In the evening a ball was given by Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, at the Royal Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, at which the elite of the neighbourhood and county were present.

On Wednesday, the village of Llanfachreth was en féte, Mr. Vaughan and his son, Mr. Robert Vaughan, having been invited to meet the tenants and the committee, when a beautiful address was given, and a magnificent massive silver ewer, presented to Mr. Robert Vaughan. The horses were unharnessed, and the carriage drawn by willing hands to Nannau, where dinner was served to the tenantry, in the tastefully decorated riding shed, which had been chosen for its dimensions and accommodation for so large a company. The dinner, which was excellent, was prepared by the cooks at Nannau, and gave great satisfaction.

Another interesting presentation also took place in the afternoon, the children of the neighbourhood having subscribed fora gift for Mr. Robert Vaughan, and the residents of Llanfachreth arranged for all to have tea on the occasion. When the tenants’ dinner was over, the tables were quickly relaid for the children, and the beautiful tea and good things were partaken of by many hundreds. The lot fell on two little boys to present the gift, and the little fellows came forward bearing a case containing a splendid silver-mounted paper cutter, and in the other children’s names begged Mr. Robert Vaughan to accept this present. The company then adjourned to the park, where sports were carried on, an immense concourse of people, having assembled, all thoroughly enjoying the occasion. The race up Moel Offrwm by the young men was most exciting, the athletes stalking the steeps with a vigour that Was surprising, and descending again with a swiftness that even to witness took one’s breath away.

When dusk came, a brilliant display of fireworks (supplied by Messrs. Brock, pyrotechnists to the Crystal Palace) delighted and astonished the vast crowds, and were well worthy of the loud admiration and applause elicited. When the fireworks were over, a grand bonfire burnt into flames on the height above and illuminated the scene for hours.

On Thursday, a servants’ ball, attended by many of the neighbouring residents Was given at Nannau, when, to the national music of Welsh harps, a most enjoyable evening was passed.

On Friday, the workmen, their wives and families were entertained to supper; and on Saturday, the members of the benefit society, called “Sir Robert’s Club” were entertained at Nannau.


Newspaper Clipping (Last Image Below) Dated 30th September 1887

The ball given by Mr Vaughan on Tuesday evening of last week in celebration of his sons coming-of-age was a great success. Between 150 and 160 were present. Dancing commenced at 9.40 and ended at 4 on the following morning. A ball-room was specially erected on the lawn of the Lion Hotel by Mr Thomas Morris, builder, for the proprietor, Mr Sheriff Roberts. It was decorated with cream-coloured and sea-green draperies, with trophics of flags, and shields bearing the initials of Mr and Vaughan, and of Mr Robert Vaughan. At one end of the room was a large banner, bearing the Nannau arm and crest. The walls were trailed with ivy, and at intervals were placed rustic boxes with ferns, plants etc. The orchestra was raised from the ball-room floor and divided from it by shrubs and plants. The band supplied by Mr Stephenson, Wrexham, gave general satisfaction. The entrance to the ball-room was from the hall of the hotel, and a separate exit was made at the further end through the windows into one of the large sitting-rooms of the hotel, which was used as an anteroom and decorated with a profusion of choice plants and flowers, ferns and shrubs, among which settees, etc., were arranged.

The hall, also, was arranged in the same way, and the vestibule of the hotel was closed in, carpeted, and illuminated with variegated lamps. It made an elegant retiring room for the dancers. The ballroom was lighted by nearly a hundred wax candles fixed in recesses and backed with reflectors. The supper, of which the following was the menu, was laid out in the coffee-room and was successful:- Consommé clair, Mayonnaise of salmon, lobster salads, paté de foie gras a l’aspic, chaud froid of chicken aux truffes, roast forequarter of lamb, galantine of turkey a la perigord, tongues a l’apsic, braised York hams, roast chickens, veal and ham patties, Anglaise game pies, roast grouse and patridges. Trifles aux marasquin, fanchonettes, Geneose à la royal, macedoine jellies, Italian creams, Charlotte à la Russe, rock jellies.

Among those present were Mr and Mrs Vaughan, Mr R. Vaughan, the Misses Vaughan, Miss C. Vaughan and Mr J. Vaughan, Nannau, The Lord Lieutenant (Capt Pryse) and Mrs Pryce, Mr J, Pryce, Mr Johnson, Cyfronydd, the High Sheriff Col, Evans Lloyd and Mrs Lloyd, Sir Richard Wyatt and Lady and large party, from Garthyngharad, Mrs E. Mr and Mrs Stokes, Mr H.N. Edwards, and party from Dolserau Hall, Mr and Mrs Williams, of Dolmllyn, Col. Romese, Bryn-Cemlyn, Mrs Holland, Miss Walts and Mr Robinson, Cardeon, Mrs H. Gatty Jones, Glandwr, Lady Walker and party, Bryngwin Isaf, Mr H. Kurcelsy, Mr Kursley, and Miss M, Kurcley, Bryngwin, Major and Mrs Best, Mr Branson, of Dolchowgrydd. Mrs Richards, Mr and Misses Richards, and Mr Richards, Caerynwch, Mr E.J. Owen, and the Misses Owen and party, Hengwrtuchaf, Mr R.E. Greaves and Mrs Greaves and party, Criccieth, Mr Finley, Abergwynant, Mr T. Jones-Parry, Mrs and Miss Georgina Jones-Parry, Llwynon, Wrexham, Mr T. R., Mrs and Miss Jones, Dr Lloyd Williams, and Mrs Lloyd Williams, and Mr and Mrs J.C. Hughes, Dolgelley, Mr R. Griffiths, Mr W.M. Griffith and Miss G. Glyn, Dr John E. Jones, Mr A. Jones Brynffynon, Rev Mr Herbert, Rev Mr and Mrs Roberts, Llanfachreth, Rev Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Llanelltyd, Rev Mr Hughes, Llanidloes, Mr and Mrs Osmond Williams, Castelldeudraeth, Mr Wayne, and the Misses Wayne, Aberartro, Mr Mrs and Miss Chas. Breese, Portmadoc, Mr Wheldon and Miss Gwersyllt, Major Hutton, Garthmaelan, Mr and Miss Owen, Welshpool, Mr Swettenham, and others.