Brigadier C.H.V. Vaughan – Biography

Charles Hilary Pritchard was born on October 29th, 1905. He was the son of Lt.-Col. Charles Hamerton Pritchard. His birth name was Charles Hilary Vaughan Pritchard, but he changed it to Charles Hilary Vaughan Vaughan by deed poll (yes, two Vaughan’s).

He married Mary Patricia Monck (1911-1996), daughter of Hon. Charles Henry Stanley Monck and Mary Florence Portal, on 28th November 1935. They had the following children:

Susan Katharine Vaughan Pritchard (1936-)
Molly Cecilia Vaughan Pritchard (1941-)
Patricia Nesta Vaughan Pritchard (1941-1999)
Jane Arabella Vaughan Pritchard (1945-)

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) and he held the offices of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) and of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.).

He inherited Nannau in 1956, as he was a direct descendent of the Nanney line on his mother’s side. The portrait on this page was painted that year as it was a tradition to have a portrait painted when you inherit.

When he died on 28th March 1976, the house left the direct line of Cadwgan, which was the end of an 850-year line.

Painting and biographical information courtesy of Philip Nanney Williams.

Memories of The Man:

Gail Hall He was in the Home Guard in Dolgellau like my father, John A Hall of the Golden Lion Royal Hotel, served under him as Major.