The Demon Tree – Radio Play

The Radio Play “The Demon Tree” from Dark Fantasy.

From YouTube: I have a weakness for arboreal menace (i.e. killer plants), so this cheesy old radio drama – complete with studio organist – appeals. It’s a classic example of old school scriptwriting, too, in which characters who are (presumably) not blind describe things they can all see. Oh, and the script references a number of ghost stories or weird fiction authors, notably H.R. Wakefield, M.R. James (in the character Humphreys) and Daphne du Maurier (Danvers).

Download The MP3 Audio File: NBC net, WKY, Oklahoma City origination. “The Demon Tree”. Sustaining. A well-written story about a strange forest with an even stranger tree. Great radio! Scott Bishop (writer), Eleanor Naylor Corin, Ben Morris, Murillo Scofield, Keith Peyton (announcer), Garland Moss. Download it from Old Time Radio Downloads Here. (NOTE: I don’t think this link works any more).

Thanks to David Brown for spotting this strange 1941 American NBC radio broadcast, which borrows from the Nannau story.