From the 1975 Auction Catalogue (Lot 15)

Tyddyn Bach Farm (with Glasdir Uchaf Land)

With a Licence to Graze 120 Sheep on Rhobell Mynydd (part of Lot 1).
Situated on the west of the Estate and to the north-west of Nannau Home Farm (Lot 1), to which it would form a useful addition.

The Farm extends to about

206.250 Acres

with additional perpetual free grazing rights over 9.4 acres and includes Coed Tyddyn-bach, a dedicated woodland area of about 6 acres.

The Homestead is situated to the south-west of the village on the north of the farm, just off the public road, and the traditional stone and slate


contains the following accommodation: Porch, Hall, Lounge with exposed beams, and Living Room/Kitchen, 22ft. by 14ft. 10in., on the Ground Floor, and Four Bedrooms, Bathroom and Boxroom on the First Floor. (Note: The Tenant has provided the Bathroom.) Outside: Tool Shed and Shed.

SERVICES: Main water and electricity connected. Septic tank drainage.

Tyddyn Bach Farm, Llanfachreth
Tyddyn Bach Farm, Llanfachreth


Cowshed with loft over, attached to the house. Tractor Shed (stone with galvanised iron roof). Cow Byre for six (block and asbestos). New 4.5-bay Dutch Barn of block and timber, with iron roof, with cubicles for fourteen, calf pens and hay storage space. Barn with loft. Store Shed of stone, with galvanised iron roof.

Further Buildings in the filds to the south of the Farmhouse comprise: Barn (brick and slate) with Cow Byre for four and two boxes. Open-fronted Implement Shed (stone and slate with sheeted back). Barn (stone and slate). Another Barn, part open-fronted, with sheeted back, incorporating Three Good Boxes (one large) with water troughs. The Dutch Barn is a Tenant’s Improvement with written permission of the Landlord.


forms a good compact block in a ring fence, is well served by public roads and is well farmed by the Tenant. It has good frontage to the Llanfachreth road and there is a free supply of main water to two cattle troughs. About 94 acres are pasture, 90 acres rough grazing and some 20 acres of woodland.

The Dedicated Woodland, is In Hand.

The remainder of this lot is let under two Agreements (Tyddyn-bach and Glasdir Uchaf) with 1931 and 1935 Records of Condition on a yearly Ladyday Tenancy from 25th March, 1947, to Mr. L. Williams (Mrs. Jeannie Williams in the Agreements) at £250 per annum, the rent having last been increased on 25th March, 1973. There is a separate Agreement from the same date for the Rhobell Sheep Licence for 120 sheep on Lot 1, for which the Tenant pays £36 per annum to the owner of Lot 1.

Sporting rights, timber and minerals are reserved to the Landlord.

The Tenant is responsible for all repairs, the Landlord providing materials and timber in the rough (Tenant haulage).

The Tenant is obliged to hand over 90 sheep on Tyddyn-bach and Glasdir Uchaf and 120 sheep on Rhobell at valuation on quitting in proper proportion as to age and sex.

Rateable Value of Farmhouse: £94. (Tenant paying rates.)

Value of Timber (Coed Tyddyn-bach): £1,500. (See General Remark No. 13.)
See Stipulations as to Right of Way and Water Supply.

Note: An exclusive right of way over the part of the Precipice Walk crossing a part of this Lot is reserved to Lot 1 and will be sold therewith.