An Old Entrance to Yr Hen Ardd (The Old Garden)
The surrounding grounds are beautifully wooded. The oak, the beech, the walnut, the acacia, the fir, the lime, the ash, with almost every variety of tree and shrub, are grouped in good taste, and the gardens are spacious and beautiful. …Thomas Turner 1837
An Old Entrance to Yr Hen Ardd (The Old Garden)
The estate is covered with fine timber which clothes all the sides of the dingles for many miles: the park is remarkable for its small by excellent venison. …Richard Lloyd 1831
An Old Entrance to Yr Hen Ardd (The Old Garden)
The Nannau gardens in July abounded with vegetables of all sorts and all fruits then in season, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants and cherries. …Richard Fenton 1813.
Derwen Ceubren yr Ellyll -1889 Engraving
“How often has not warm fancy seen the fairy tribe revel round its trunk! or may not the visionary eye have seen the Hamadryad burst from the bark of its coeval tree?.”
“It was curious and amusing to see the worthy baronet surrounded by 16 little men and women who reached up to the waistband of his breeches, and looked like iron rails around a monument.”
“Enraged at this treachery, he seized on Sele, burnt his house, and hurried him away from the place; nor could anyone learn how he was disposed of, till forty years after, when a skeleton of a large man, such as Howel, was discovered in the hollow of a great...

Derwen Ceubren yr Ellyll

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