Robert Vaughan of Garthmaelan

Sir Robert Vaughan, J.P., D.L., K.B.E. (1867-1941) was the eldest son of John Vaughan and Eleanor Ann. He was due to take over the running of Nannau on his 21st Birthday in 1887 (his ‘Coming of Age’). However, his mother decided that her second son John (Major-General John Vaughan (1871-1956)) would be a more suitable choice.

Robert Vaughan of Garthmaelan. Coming of Age Presentation from the Villagers of Llanfachreth and the Nannau Estate Workers. Outside Plas Nannau Hall in 1887. Photo © Philip Nanney Williams.
We the inhabitants of Llanfachreth Parish and the tenants of the Nannau Estate desire to offer you warmest congratulations, on the attainment of your majority...
Robert Vaughan Obituary from the Prestwood Parish Magazine, 1941.
“He was my greatest friend,” Sir Henry added, “and always tried to do good to everyone. If anyone was in trouble, he would do anything to help...”
Robert Vaughan Obituary by John Caseby.
Robert Vaughan, Knight of the British Empire, died on January 16th, 1941, at Garthmaelan, Dolgelley, Merioneth. A true democrat with a great heart has passed on to his Father.
Robert Vaughan of Garthmaelan. Obituary Newspaper Clippings from 1941.
Great Western Railway officials from Chester and other stations arrived by train at Dolgelley on Monday to pay the last tribute of respect to the late Sir Robert Vaughan, K.B.E., Garthmaelan, who was popularly known as “The railwaymen’s friend.”
Robert Vaughan's Coming of Age Festivities in Eldon Square, Dolgellau, 1887. Photo © Philip Nanney Williams.
The rejoicings were continued at Llanfachreth, in beautiful weather, on Tuesday morning. The servants of the House of Nannau assembled on the lawn to meet Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Robert Vaughan, and the various members of the family.
Robert Vaughan of Garthmaelan c.1920s. Photo © Philip Nanney Williams.
Sir Robert Vaughan, J.P., D.L., K.B.E. (1867-1941) was the eldest son of John Vaughan and Eleanor Ann.

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