Llanfachreth (Drone)

Drone Photos of Llanfachreth

Drone photographs of the village of Llanfachreth.
The Interior of St. Machreth Church, Llanfachreth

Interior of St. Machreth Church, Llanfachreth

The Interior of St. Machreth Church, Llanfachreth. Photographs Taken by Ian King in November 2019. Please note that the Anne Nanney Memorial is in need of Repair and was hidden away. The repairs will cost around...

Llanfachreth Video

A walk around Llanfachreth Church in Wales, with special attention made to the Church's relationship with the Vaughan family of Nannau.
The Vaughan Family Plot at Llanfachreth

The Vaughan Graves at St. Machreth Church, Llanfachreth

The Vaughan Vault Originally built to hold six graves, the vault holds just four. The Inscription on the Vault HERE LIE THE REMAINS OF SIR ROBERT WILLIAMES VAUGHAN OF NANNAU BART WHO DIED APRIL XXII MDCCCXLIII (1843)...
St. Machreth Church in Llanfachreth

St. Machreth Church, Llanfachreth

St Machreath’s Church, first mentioned in documents of 1254, is situated within a curvilinear churchyard, which has been extended to the east. The boundary is circular on the south and west sides and straight...

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