Nannau Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital 1918 - Photo Courtesy of Philip Nanney Williams

Nannau Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital 1918

Photos of Plas Nannau Hall When it was a Red Cross Auxilliary Hospital in 1918. Photos Courtesy of Philip Nanney Williams.
Nannau Prayer Book

Nannau Prayer Book

Sold at an auction in Barmouth in May 2014
Nannau Cauldronvideo

A Medieval Cauldron from Nannau

A short video of a medieval cauldron from Nannau. From the condition of the cauldron and specifically the repairs carried out, it has been well-used. Made of...
The Rear of Nannau Showing the Old Kitchen etc. - © Crown copyright RCAHMW.

Plas Nannau Hall Timeline

A Timeline of Plas Nannau ‘Hall’.
Effigy of Meurig Vychan

Nannau Timeline (People)

A Timeline of Some of the People & Events Surrounding Nannau. This is by no means 100% accurate and is a work in progress.

Derwen Ceubren yr Ellyll

Nannau Cottages & Farms