Tamlyns 2008 Auction – Lot 045

Attributed to WILLIAM ALFRED DELAMOTTE (1775-1863). A portrait of Nannau, circa 1820, oil on canvas, re-lined, 15.75 inches x 20.5 inches, framed.

The house, the Nannau of Sir Robert Williames Vaughan, (known affectionately as Yr Hen Syr Robert) was commenced by his father Sir Robert Howell Vaughan 1st Baronet in 1788, and completed by his son in 1796. A square central block, with two perfectly proportioned wings, built of beautifully faced granite slabs-an example of Georgian architecture at it’s best period.

It seems to have been built around “Old Nannau”; the outside walls of Colonel Nanney’s house can be traced in the cellars, and part of his tower is still clearly visible. Sir Robert added a huge kitchen with spacious larders for his son’s coming of age celebrations in 1824.

Mary Vaughan. Nannau. Reprinted from the Journal of the Merioneth Historical and Record Society 1962. William Alfred Delamotte, a pupil of Benjamin West, enjoyed the patronage of King George III. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1793, and produced fine landscapes of North Wales. Nannau Schedule of Contents 1958 No. 41. Nannau. c.1820, as built by Sir Robert Williames Vaughan 2nd Baronet, and where he lived until his death. Painted by Delamotte.

Scan and Information Courtesy of Tamlyns.