Tamlyns 2008 Auction – Lot 026

Sir Robert Howell Vaughan Three documents on vellum – The first a Letters Patent creating Robert Howell Vaughan a Baronet; on two membranes, decorative engraved borders incorporating a large portrait of George III, with suspended Great Seal in metal skippet. The seal however now damaged and incomplete. 1791. unframed, 25.5 inches x 35 inches.

Together with the Grant of Arms to Robert Howell Vaughan illuminated with four armorials in gold and colours with two suspended seals. Signed by Isaac Heard Principal King of Arms and George Harrison, Norroy King of Arms, 1791. Also a confirmation of the arms of Robert Howell Vaughan signed by George Harrison, Norroy & Register, with suspended seal.

The two latter documents mounted in walnut and parcel gilt frames, overall size, 26.5 inches x 28 inches, and 19.5 inches x 16 inches respectively. Nannau Schedule of Contents 1958, Nos. 116 and 117.

Scan and Information Courtesy of Tamlyns.