Tamlyns 2008 Auction – Lot 011

Cycle of the White Rose crystal Wine Glass with faceted stem, c.1770-1775 engraved R H Vaughan.

Robert Howell Vaughan, Esq. (1723-1791) of Dee Bank, Chester. Surgeon to Chester Infirmary 1755, Mayor-1789, succeeded his brother Hugh at Nannau 1783. Created a Baronet 1791. Condition-good.

Scan and Information Courtesy of Tamlyns.

General Notes for Lots 11-23.

Crystal wine glasses, bearing the name of R.H. Vaughan and twelve others, cannot be later than 25th March 1775, the date of the death of R.P. Thelwall and may date as early as 1770 when Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 4th Baronet came of age (Should read 5th Baronet). With the possible exception of Philip Egerton, the above were all members, with many others, of the aristocratic dining club known as The Cycle, which met fairly regularly at each others houses and at leading hostelries between 1724 and 1829 and later. It was originally a Jacobite association.

P. Lawson, Genealogist from Chester, 4th September 1957. A copy of the above information, is available with these lots.

Confirmation of Mr Lawson’s information, is provided with the publication this year of Mr Miles Wynn Cato’s authoratitive new book, “The Life and Works of William Parry,” A.R.A. (1743-1791), the son of the greatest Welsh harpist of the 18th century, who trained as a portrait painter under Joshua Reynolds. The author illustrates, on the back cover of the book, an original document detailing a list of Members of The Cycle c.1770, and in which, he states that “with the exception of Philip Egerton and Richard Price they were all members of The Cycle in 1770.”

The only two names not noted on the list, from the glasses here offered, are those of the Hon. R. Barry, and his brother, the Hon. I.S. Barry, two of the younger sons of Lord Barrymoor of Co. Cork, who also presumably, were not yet members of “The Cycle” by this date.

Many of Parry’s Welsh clients were members of “The Cycle of the White Rose”: the Jacobite society founded by the Williams Wynns in 1710.

Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Sir Robert Howell Vaughan, and Owen Wynne, were all patrons of William Parry.

Cato, Miles Wynn. Parry. The Life and Works of William Parry (1743-1791). 2008.

Nannau Schedule of Contents 1958 (Contents of Glass Cabinet).