Tamlyns 2008 “The Welsh Sale”

Five pages containing the items sold by Tamlyns Auction House on Tuesday 9th December 2008. It was listed as “The Welsh Sale” and consisted of fifty-six lots. Their description of the sale was as follows…

VAUGHAN – Nannau, Hengwrt & Rhûg, Merionethshire, North Wales

This catalogue contains items largely relating to the 18th and 19th Century descendants of Cadwgan, 1st Lord of Nannau, second son of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, King of Powys, who it is believed was born some time around 1030, and who died in 1075. Cadwgan’s great grandson Ynyr had two sons. From the elder, Meurig, the Nanneys are descended who lived at Nannau until well into the 18th Century; from the younger, Hywel, the Vaughan’s are descended.

In 1404 Meurig’s grandson Hywel Sele, 8th Lord of Nannau, a royalist, was killed by his rebel cousin Owain Glyndwr who concealed his body in the hollow of an oak where it remained undiscovered for forty years. This oak was named ‘ Ceubren yr Ellyll ‘ ( the hollow tree of the demon ) and was, to the day of it’s destruction in a tempest in 1813, the terror of the superstitious. At the fall of the tree various articles of treen were fashioned from it’s timber.

A number of lots relate to the tremendous celebrations that marked the coming of age of Robert Williames Vaughan on June 25th 1824 ( later 3rd Baronet ). The great White Ox of Nannau was slaughtered providing a baron of beef weighing 165 lbs for the guests at dinner. The ‘Ceubren’ cups fashioned from Hywel Sele’s oak tree were also specially made for the occasion. These celebrations were not restricted to Nannau but occurred all over North Wales, great festivities taking place at Conway, Corwen, Barmouth, Bala and elsewhere. The principal celebrations held at the Seat of the Vaughans at Nannau can perhaps best be envisaged by the quote from the Salopian Journal of June 30th 1824.

At day-break in the morning 21 rounds of guns were fired off from Cader Idris which were returned from guns placed on eminences near Nannau. At the same early hour, the bells of Dolgelle steeple commenced ringing an harmonious peel and continued during the whole day. The bugles and trumpets of the Merionethshire militia struck up the reveille… flags were displayed… in different parts of the town. At one o’clock a grand procession was formed, which proceeded from Dolgelle to Nannau, consisting of a great number of respectable gentlemen on horseback,… next followed an elegant mail coach… drawn by four beautiful brown horses, richly decorated with laurel and ribbons… carrying fourteen banners,… afterwards followed a great number of gentlemen in carriages. On the arrival of the procession near Nannau it was met by R.W.Vaughan Esq. the young heir, and about 50 other gentlemen of the first respectability in North Wales…. the air resounding with joyful acclamations. At Nannau a capacious tent was erected, capable of dining 200 individuals, not less than 150 gentlemen partook of a dinner of the most excellent description and of abundance of wines… a number of Welsh bards and harpers were in attendance… In the course of the day a very handsome balloon was sent off from Dolgelle.