Parliament Armchair of the Nannau Family

Parliament armchair of the Nannau family, Merioneth, late 17th century

It is an oak joined armchair with decorative carving and bears the initials of Huw Nannau and his wife, Katrin Vaughan, who lived at Nannau from the late seventeenth century.

By the late eighteenth century the chair had passed into the hands of one of their descendants, Sir Robert Williames-Vaughan, second baronet of Nannau and MP for Merioneth. He was returned to Westminster thirteen times between 1792 and 1836 and the dates are recorded beneath his initials on the back-panel of the chair.

It is believed that during this period the chair was converted into a sedan-chair so that Sir Robert could be carried through the streets in celebration of his re-election.

Information and Image Courtesy of The Museum of Welsh Life.